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Edition No. 2

Edition No. 2

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The first Mycenaean in Cyprus (1500-1200 B.C.)

Edition No. 2

Edition No. 2

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Our second collector’s telecard theme is sketch illustrations of events taken from Cyprus History.

The telecard’s front side pictures the settlement of the first Mycenaeans in Cyprus (1500-1200 B.C.). In the beginning Mycenaeans came to Cyprus as traders who were attracted by the island’s main product, copper. At a later stage they settled as colonists helping Cyprus become an important trade centre between West and East. This brought wealth and prosperity to its inhabitants. In addition the Mycenaeans, apart from their merchandise, brought to Cyprus placenames, customs and religious practices. It is worth mentioning that according to recent excavations, it has been discovered that the settlement of the first Mycenaeans in Cyprus started around 1400 B.C..

The reverse side of the telecard pictures King Evagoras in the battle against the Persians in 380 B.C.. Evagoras was a great King whose successes and failures marked the fate of the whole of the island. He ruled his country with prudence and helped it achieve magnificence and power. He fought against a mighty empire and was defeated by forces much more powerful than his own but he ended the war “as king to king”. However Evagoras had the misfortune to rule in a period of disastrous conflict among the Greeks which brought them shame and humiliation before the Persians. During his kingship Evagoras struck gold coins bearing the bust of Herakles and inscriptions in Greek alphabet that so replaced the previously used oriental symbols and syllabic script.

Source: A History of Cyprus from Katia Cadgidemetriou